KYWCA Hall of Fame Coach Rusty Parks Sr. of Woodford County High School pioneered the idea of a Kentucky State Dual Championship in 1989. The surrounding states were hosting State Dual Championships and Coach Parks recognized its importance to the sports growth. “I felt for Kentucky to keep up with wrestling in the United States, we needed a state dual championship,” stated Parks.

            The first KYWCA State Dual Championship was hosted at Memorial Coliseum in Lexington, Kentucky in 1990. From 1990 through 2012, the KYWCA State Dual Championship was a sixteen team event, with one champion.

            In the spring of 2012, the KYWCA board voted to expand the Kentucky State Dual Championships, and two divisions were formed based on school enrollment. Each division now has 12 teams, with a large and small school state champion crowned in each division.



                                                                   CHAMPION                                                         RUNNER-UP

1990                                                        Woodford County                                            Campbell County

1991                                                        Campbell County                                              Woodford County

1992                                                        Simon Kenton                                                    Woodford County

1993                                                        Woodford County                                            Eastern (Louisville)

1994                                                        Woodford County                                            Sheldon Clark

1995                                                        Sheldon Clark                                                     Simon Kenton

1996                                                        Woodford County                                             Scott

1997                                                        Woodford County                                             St. Xavier

1998                                                        St. Xavier                                                              Campbell County

1999                                                        Larue County                                                     Wayne County

2000                                                        St. Xavier                                                              Woodford County

2001                                                        Larue County                                                      St. Xavier

2002                                                        Woodford County                                             Campbell County

2003                                                        South Oldham                                                      Ryle

2004                                                        Campbell County                                                Woodford County

2005                                                        Woodford County                                              Ryle

2006                                                        Larue County                                                       Woodford County

2007                                                        Larue County                                                        Paul Dunbar

2008                                                        Trinity                                                                      Union County

2009                                                        NO STATE                                                               BAD WEATHER

2010                                                        NO STATE                                                               BAD WEATHER

2011                                                        Larue County                                                        Trinity

2012                                                        Union County                                                        Larue County

2013             Big School                      Campbell County                                                  Simon Kenton

                     Small School                     Union County                                                        Johnson Central

2014             Big School                       St. Xavier                                                               Oldham County

                     Small School                      Union County                                                      Wayne County

2015             Big School                         St. Xavier                                                                Trinity

                     Small School                      Union County                                                       Harrison County

2016             Big School                       Oldham County                                                    Woodford County

                     Small School                      Union County                                                        North Oldham

2017             Big School                       St. Xavier                                                                 Woodford County

                     Small School                     Union County                                                          Wayne County

2018          Big School                         St. Xavier                                                                   Oldham County

                     Small School                     Union County                                                          Walton Verona

2019          Big School                         Johnson Central                                                      Moore

                     Small School                     Union County                                                          Scott

2020          Big School                                Ryle                                                                      Johnson Central

                    Small School                       Union County                                                         Laure County